What is it that we call home? Is it a person, a place, a house or a state of being? Arrival. A mindset. 


The inner monologue counts. It speaks through my eyes, my body- rearranging the current, the frequency and the atmosphere. Eyes that see- for seeing and observing – not for judging or criticizing. Ears that listen- to understand and absorb- not to reply. A heart open- to everything. This is home. You are home. I am home. Repose- within. 


A never-seizing quest to find this eminent condition of arrival – within. It pullulates, occasionally, then seizes and resumes once water has been poured on this sprout. In this time, however, of pullulation- I am. Beyond expectations, duties, responsibilities and opinions. Stripped down to this nakedness of my being. Me: weaknesses and strengths, laughter and tears, dances and tantrums, screams and kisses, Peter and Wendy- boundless, eternal. 

Others, need to allow me to preserve these qualities- support not suppress them, love not hate them, challenge not judge me- let me be me. I have arrived- here with me. I am waiting for you to join me- dancing wildly, pondering meticulously, laughing whole-heartedly, drinking voluptuously- here. Commence this synesthetic journey- see with your heart, hear with your eyes and feel with your eyes – and you will arrive. At home. Unbenannt-2IMG_8415ABOUT RADICE: 

Radice is a sleepwear company founded in Munich, Germany in September of 2017. It is their mission to create something one can wear all day, but also at night. As we spent 1/3 of our lives asleep, it was also important to create the best sleeping experience that is relaxing and rejuvenating, but most importantly something that feels good on the skin. Sustainability is very important to RADICE as well! They produce and source their fabrics from Shanghai, where silk has been tradition for over 5000 years. After visiting countless manufacturers for silk they stumbled upon a boutique founded by three women, who now produce their high-quality and exquisite silk sleepwear. Silk* is a natural and organic fabrics, which is comparable to the human skin. Thus, it lets our biggest organ breathe whilst we are asleep, regulated our temperature (it cools in summer and warms in winter- the perfect insulator), helps reduce stress and therefore improves the sleep quality. 

The prints were created in collaboration with European artists to reminisce travel destinations and memories. Radice embodies the spirit of freedom, what you love and realizing your dreams. 

*Silk is made by silkworms and therefore NOT VEGAN. I am personally still struggling with clothes in terms of veganism, but I am taking one step at a time. In this instance, I am arguing between the stress and harm placed on animals vs the pollution synthetic materials create in our ecosystem. When synthetic materials, without helpers such as the GOOPY friend with which I wash all my sportswear and synthetic clothes, are washed they release micro plastics into our water, rivers and oceans which might eventually end up on our plates again. This is not a problem with organic and natural fabrics such as cotton (vegan), wool or silk. Hence, I am still debating this matter! This is one of RADICE’s arguments for silk as well.  


*This post was made possible due to the kind team at RADICE sleep, who’ve sent me their sleep-wear on a loan basis for this shooting.


Shot by Sarah Johanna







IMG_7726No Berlin-visit can go by without having been to “The Juicery”. It is located right next to the Mauerpark, so you can also take your juice, smoothie or bowl on a walk.  Ideally you would take it to go in a container you brought, but if you forgot it is not too bad since all the packaging is made of cornstarch and compostable. The açaí bowl is the best I have ever had in the entirety of my life (it has the perfect consistency and no where in the world has my bowl been graced with so many fresh berries or toppings), the smoothies always surprise your taste buds with new flavor (as in the “Passion for Ido” where sweet, sour and fresh work together synergistically to create a previously unknown taste experience) or texture combinations (such as the chia seeds in the blueberry kale). All the produces used are organic and ripened to perfection.

As I have grown to love the creations of The Juicery more and more with each visit, I knew I had to sit down with the founder. I was so fascinated by the high quality of the produces, the combination of the juices and the curation going into all of this. Seydi was so kind as to answer a few of my questions, before which I enjoyed a sugar cane juice with lime, an açaí bowl and the newest of his creations- newtella (HEAVEN)!


(Seydi with Newtella)

How did The Juicery of Berlin come to life?

It all started with experimenting with different types of diets whilst I was working out a lot- back then it was low carb, now they call it ketogenic, you know they always find new words and terms. This is what confuses the consumer- they are exposed to two contradicting facts or studies so that it is hard to decide which one is the“right“ one. Then I zoomed out, took a step back to see my progress and how far I have come in achieving my fitness goals, only to realize that I didn’t make any progress at all. I was always very lazy and didn’t dream to cut up some fruit for myself. However, I remember that I always enjoyed the taste of fruit when my mother was so kind as to prepare them for me. Then I remembered how light, good and energized I felt when eating fruit. This sensation in combination with my desire to create good in this world and society, lead me to embark on a journey of seeking (self) fulfillment. I read many books about philosophy and diet…I knew I had to take this leap of faith, ignore this steadiness I have built and simply risk it, go all in. In front of my old shop I started with offering 2 juices on Sunday’s- people came up to me, they wanted to take pictures. I felt that I offered something people were drawn to, they cherished this work, which in turn motivated me again. What stuck with me from many biographies I read was something along the lines of: You have to do something that you really love so that you do not have to work another day in your life. So I asked myself what I loved and it is this curating and stimulating of senses- the visual, the olfactory, the flavor. Going to the wholesale market I felt like a child in a candy store. Then everything just came together and moved quite quickly. We opened our doors in September 2014. The most important lesson I have learnt during this process is that your attitude is key- what you bring to the situation is what you get. Life became my private teacher. 

You use organic ingredients only, why is that important to you?

What I strive to do here with The JuiceryⓇ is a steadiness in terms of quality or even improve upon what we offer to our customers. Right from when we started, we offered organic produces only. When you offer something that solely has to do with health and well-being it only makes and is the next logical step, a no brainer so to speak. You need to differentiate between what you fuel your body with – if you treat your body well and want to do good, organic produces are key! Another factor we look out for is flexibility- we always try to realize the wishes of our customers, but advise them that sometimes leaving out an ingredient might make something less creamy and things as such. So we try to collaborate and work out a way where both parties are happy. 

How did you go from 3 Juices to this vas variety you offer today? 

I didn’t take any of the creations from recipe books, they did not appeal to me as much. I listened to senses, taste buds- so started with myself and what I liked best. I worked three months on the recipe of the açai bowl before putting it into writing. I have now developed 3 criterion based on which I create my juices and smoothies: 1) DO IT HEALTHY Everything has to come from nature, meaning that it is unprocessed. Cacao powder is the grounded bean, or dates to sweeten instead of maple syrup. 2)DO IT TASTY It has to taste good and speak to the taste buds. I look out for the temperatue, consistency, a balance between sour and sweet, if the taste should unfold more at the beginning or finish. 3) DO IT SEXY. We are all aesthetics, you eat with your eyes. 4) DO IT FRIENDLY. I want to give something to people and watching their faces when eating you can really see that something is happening inside of them. These are the 4 criterion I apply to my work. 


You always curate and find special and exquisite produces, how do you go about this process?

I always try to discover anew what nature has given to us to feel good and re-sensitize my taste buds, such as replacing sugar with dates, an energy drink with ginseng. It is a journey of continuous discovery, where you perception is changed constantly. 5 years ago no one would have been able to tell you what chia seeds are, now they are a staple. For the birch water I traveled to Latvia- I want to experience it first hand at first to see what it does to my body. This way I explore new produces and creations. 

What is your favorite juice/smoothie? 

After I was physically active I go for something very refreshing and lemony such as the YELLOW DETOX or APPLE BERRY. If I crave something sweeter I usually go for coconut- I could eat coconuts for the rest of my life, which is why I make a lot with coconuts. 

What are the future plans for The Juicery? 

We do consulting for others where we teach things such as work flow optimization, where and how to shop (good quality, when something is ripe and sweet), how to store the produces on location. Other than that we are working on opening more locations of The JuiceryⓇ. So stay tuned! 










When out and about, we are always in a rush, heading from one place to the other in the hopes of cramming as much activity as possible into one hour or day- it is only limited to 24 hours and we need a minimum of 8 of these to sleep; at least I do. This leaves us with 16 hours to complete our daily duties- work, cook, eat, commute from one place to the next…We have the urge to complete tasks faster, get more done and thus rush ourselves. Living in a city strengthens this “rush“, which I find sometimes very motivating and enlivening; being amongst a crowd, though strangers, pursuing different goals and destinations and yet sharing a space. I think this is why many are attracted to life in cities- being amongst a crowd, surrounded by vibrancy, movement, life and yet being to yourself, living in your own bubble.

Despite the fact that I might be on the go, or have to be somewhere at a given time, I like to take some time for myself to re-energize and have a little down time before going back into the storm. For that reason I like to carry my On-The-Go coffee and tea cup with me. It allows me to treat myself, such as purchasing a coffee with oat milk or a nice fresh green tea, and still take it on the go. Also, I am contributing or rather alleviating some stress from the environment by reducing my waste production and carbon footprint.

We are let to believe that the cardboard coffee cups we purchase at all the main coffee shops are being recycled, we even throw them into recycling bins. However…

  • most on the go coffee cups are lined with polyethylene to make them waterproof- this aggravates the recycling process, since there are only few facilities with the capabilitity of separating this layer 
  • fewer than 1/400 cups are sent for recycling; even though you might have decided to recyle this does not imply they will actually be recycled in the end, some don’t even get to see a recycling facility 
  • 50% (150 million) of the American population drink coffee in its various forms, in the UK 10,000 cups are used in 2 minutes, making 7 million a day and 2.5 billion a year. This underpins the vast coffee community and the impact it can have when making sustainable and conscious choices 
  • coffee cups are also not made from recycled materials in the first place, enlarging the carbon footprint one leaves 

The facts were new to myself as well, yet have supported my choice of turning to re-usable on-the-go coffee cups instead. If the line “CAUTION! CONTENTS HOT“ is why you rather turn to the disposable, non-recyclable and non-reusable coffee cups I can assure you, my silicone lid has the same line written on it AND it is environmentally friendly. The only real drawback is that my lipstick is really hard to get off of the silicone lid, but this is something I am willing to accept for the many, many benefits my ceramic cup brings along. I do not only use it for on-the-go beverages, but also as a usual cup for tea at home. The rounded off top is just so nice to drink from, and the black hearts instantly make any drink look more appealing to me.

At home or on the go, I love drinking from my ceramic cup. I can enjoy my “hot contents“ with delight and a good conscience. What other thoughts would you wish for when enjoying the first coffee or tea of the day?! I wouldn’t know any better. See some cute options below!


Ecoffee Cup

keepcup_saffronKeep Cup

miss_etoile_to_go_cup_heartsMiss Étoile


Shot by Sarah Johanna