How is eating FRUIT based raw vegan SUSTAINABLE when you live away from the tropics / in a cold climate?

A vegan diet is “the single biggest way” to reduce your environmental impact and save the planet. But how about my FRUiT based raw vegan health lifestyle here in Northern Germany, where I have to import a lot of my fruits from other countries? How does eating non-local whole foods align with my ideals of sustainability? While I think we absolutely must find solutions on how to reduce transport emissions and yet still have high quality fruit – the most vital food for humans – available everywhere, we must also consider other factors in addition to locality when looking at a food’s impact on our planet…

Fruit trees are SUPERIOR in their benefits to the ecosystem, to farmers and to our personal health:

  • FRUiT TREES allow to utilize vertical space and thus yield most calories / carbohydrates per square acre.1 Carbohydrates are the main source of energy fuel for our cells – we cannot survive without sugars. In my eyes, we must invest into the growth of fruit trees if we want to feed the growing world population sustainably and healthily.
  • FRUiT TREES capture CO2 and breath oxygen into the air. Destroying (tropical) forests for animal agriculture or for growing plants like soy – mostly for feeding industrial animals – sets off huge amounts of greenhouse gases back into the atmosphere.2 
  • FRUiT TREES are permanent (unlike crops) and bear fruit for decades while requesting fewer (harmful) agricultural inputs.3 Fruit trees don’t depend upon harmful monoculuture agricultural practices, such as harsh artificial fertilizers, crop rotations or soil tilling – these monocroppingg agricultural practices destroy our soil and thus threaten our future food security.4
  • FRUiT TREES are essential in permaculture design (permaculture mimics how natural forests and jungles are built – the opposite to harmful monoculture farming) and therefore maximize our ecosystem’s biodiversity.5  Fruit trees are protection, food and homes to various animals + pollinators and they provide the ideal environment for all kinds of other plants to grow beneath, such as shade for shade loving plants. These natural relationships reduce the need for extra watering, which further lowers the footprint of fruit farming.6
  • FRUiT TREES help to conserve the water cycle and reduce storm water management problems – e.g. minimizing erosion by absorbing the water runoffs.7
  • FRUiT TREES serve as windbreaks and living fences protecting other plants8 and have a high tolerance to drought due to their deep root system and perennial (=year round) growth.9 
  • Thus FRUiT TREES provide a safety net during periods of crop failure for farmers.10 We will face more severe storms and droughts more frequently during climate change11 and in my eyes fruit could thus serve as an emergency food source for the human population.
  • FRUiT TREES can be a valuable source of other materials than just fruit for food: wood for all sorts of purposes; tree sap for environmentally friendly rubber, glue, wax;12 fruit, leaves, bark and roots for medicinal uses. Also, fruit forests can be a place for people to learn and live.
  • FRUiT can provide us with a diversity and balance in nutrients, vitamins & minerals making it an excellent source of nutrition and can help our bodies heal from various physical issues such as diabetes13, cardiovascular diseases14 and autoimmune conditions15. In fact, fruit is human food16  – we are not a herbivore but a frugivore species17 that derived from the bonobo ape18 in the tropics. We share a symbiotic relationship with fruit trees by ingesting their fruit and dispersing the seeds back into the ground fertilized with our poop (If we would poop right back into the earth or via a compost toilet.) Can we come any closer to living in harmony with nature?
  • FRUiTS use up less resources like energy and water in terms of A)…NO cooking, no processing required to make fruit edible….and NO additional ingredients (salt, oils, spices) needed to make fruit tasty (compared to animal products, grains, beans and even many vegetables that do not satisfy most people on their own) B)…NO or little packaging and comparatively lower cooling necessary to make fruit last (like all whole foods compared to animal products and processed foods) C)…preventing the development of diseases followed up by resource intense medical procedures and use of pharmaceuticals (compared to animals products and processed foods).

★ SEVEN TiPS for a sustainable fruit based raw vegan diet away from the tropics:

  1. Eat the fruit in season in your country or in a country close to you. In summer I have much more local fruit available and during winter my staples are stored local apples from fall and citrus from Italy.
  2. Purchase as much organic fruit as you can (most organic labels in Europe can be trusted and are no humbug). You will feel how much better high quality organic fruits taste and satiate.
  3. Buy as much fruit as you can from industry independent organizations that support tropical small indigenous farmers. Once in a while I order at Orkos (non-paid advertisement), a small company supplying high quality organic and fair fruit to European countries – the fruit is incomparably tasty!
  4. Try to minimize water intense plant foods like nuts, coffee, cacao/chocolate (they are pricy anyways). I personally do avoid these, because I would get an itchy + inflamed mouth and feel fatigued. And it is even backed by science – unsprouted nuts have an acidic effect on the body and coffee and cacao are also highly stimulative to our adrenal glands, which are responsible for our metabolism and feeling fatigued. 
  5. Prefer fresh whole fruits and vegetables over packaged and processed raw vegan products such as oils, ”raw vegan“ cheeses / sauces / dips etc. – they not only increase our footprint, but also cannot compete with the health benefits of fresh living plant foods. Our body likes it pure and simple for optimal digestion and wellbeing.
  6. Pick your own fruit from public gardens or meadow orchards. During the summer I love to pick berries from bushes or cherries from the tree whenever I come across them. 
  7. Grow your own fruit and greens if you can. We do lots of sprouting at our home and we have some tomatoes in our garden. Like many others, I dream of us all working together towards having our own permaculture land aka fruit forest independent of the industry. 

If you want to FEEL GOOD when eating a fruit based raw vegan diet, make sure to… 

♥ Never restrict yourself, but make sure you are getting enough calories (2000+ per day depending upon your own needs and level of activity).

♥ Balance with fruit vegetables (cucumber, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, chilli etc.) and leafy greens in the form of green juices and salads. If more grounding is needed, don’t be afraid of having some steamed vegatables or sweet potatoe – this lifestyle is fun as long as you do not make a dogma out of it! Which leads me to:

♥ Just do the best you can! If you do not have fruit available where you live – eating high carb whole plants such as grains and potatoes is very good, too! If you do not have package free fruit, but only wrapped in plastics, in your stores – purchasing that is ok, too! If you do not have access ro organic fruit – you can look at the “dirty dozen clean 15” list and come off very well, too! I am very lucky with the lifestyle available to me and  making this high standard (in combination with lowering our footprint) available to more people is my number one goal in life.

Check out my “what i eat in a day” story highlight on my instagram (+ origin and packaging of my food). Learn more about how to thrive on this high fruit raw vegan lifestyle from rawveganginger.


better with nut butter | heyqnut

IMG_2473Everything tastes better with nut butter on top. 

My favorite must be almond butter, but then there is also hazelnuts and oh, pistachio nut butter is definitely the most exclusive of them all. To me, it is the ultimate treat*- enjoying a banana or dates topped with a little bit of ground nuts into a delicious and gooey cream. 

I can’t quite remember the moment of this discovery, but I am sure happy I did! It might have been on social media or researching bulk/zero waste stores all over the world, however, it was definitely during my stay in London. I stumbled upon the start-up company heyqnut. I was so amazed by the device, that I decided to go to hetu (in London) within the next couple of days. I brought my empty jar of another nut butter (I go through them quite quickly once they are in my possession) and got a refill in the zero waste/ bulk store on London’s South Bank. The nuts, I believe it were almonds, were just roasted and chopped and then put in the heyqnut. The nut butter was not completely smooth, with a little crunch to it which I personally quite enjoyed. After I indulged on this almond butter, I decided to do a little more research on the heyqnut. Funny enough, the start-up is from a part of Bavaria, Germany where I also have family- this made me ever more curious and amazed. I waited no longer and contacted the people behind heyqnut and have had the pleasure and honor to do a small interview with them. 

Facetune_21-08-2018-20-46-28IMG_2478What does “heyqnut“ stand for?

Our original idea was to call ourselves “Knut“, however, the Berlin Zoo trademarked this name for its polar bear. This is how Qnut came to be. It sounds similar phonetically (in German) and the letter’Q’ has positive connotations of quality and quintessence. We then added ’hey’ to ’qnut’. This was the birth of heyqnut.   

Where and how did the idea originate to provide the consumer with nut butter in such a simple and fast manner? 

A trip to California in 2014 marks the beginning of this project. We realized that nut butter is very established in grocery stores and has been for several years. It was our mission to do similar by European standards, implementing our ideas of design, sustainability, longevity, being consumer-friendly and taste. The twist is, however, to not do so for a single household, but rather following the leitmotif of ’sharing is caring“ in the natural habitat of our target audience- being organic grocery stores, cafés, hotels, culinary schools, schools, catering services and so on. 

The idea and product is stripped down to simplicity. More often than not are these the ones requiring the most work. How long did it take you to perfect the grinding gear and concept? 

It took around 1 year from the initial idea to the first prototype. 

What kind of materials are used to built the heyqnut? 

We solely use sustainable materials such as wood and metal. We have consciously abdicated from the use of plastic, as the machine is built for eternity. The manufacturing is exclusively done within the region (Bavaria). The woodwork is done in the Allgäu, our funnel-maker is located close to Munich, who also builds the jet engines of Ariane launch vehicles. 

Does the heyqnut work manually, with electricity or a different kind of mechanism? 

The machine works mechanically. The mechanism is, however, powered by a small engine through a common household outlet. 

If you want to switch up the type of nut butter you are making (as a distributor) how does one go about cleaning the heyqnut? 

It is a very simple process: You dissemble the grinding gear, which takes about 1-2 minutes, place it in the dishwasher or quickly give it a wash by hand and then assemble it again. We also have a selection of supermarkets, who do not clean the heyqnut between the change of nuts so that each customer can individually decide what nut they would like to have ground. The cleaning then takes place once a day- it is a matter of taste.

Where can you grind your own nut butter with the heyqnut? What is your favorite nut butter? 

You can easily find a list of stores on our website. We have just started distributing new machines to new locations- we are expanding by the day! We already have locations in Germany, France, in the UK, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain. Our favorite nut butter is organic Sicilian pistachio butter or organic Bavarian hazelnut butter. They are great for cooking, cocktails, to produce nut mylks or to enjoy by themselves! 



*Despite my weakness for any kind of nut butter, it is important to me that I moderate my intake. I have to bare in mind that one teaspoon of nut butter probably equals to 7-10 almonds for example. Therefore, I really do consider it as a treat.  

Photos taken at Ohne in Munich.  Thank you to heyqnut for the interview!

General, LET'S TALK




In this state: comfort.

Is the epitome of bliss—

where I unwind, unfetter from futile worries, stop rationalizing and instead…

roam, am aware and blazingly taking this step

Albeit- no stone’s been set.

Growth and Consolidation.



This journey is my life, this journey is my task. Finding balance.

There have been months of consolidation and months of growth-

Imbalance is unharmonious, not in synch- which I want to be. With myself, the environment and this journey. I had to reflect to learn, learn to know and know to grow. It is a cycle, we inhabit- of life. Doubt overcame me: regarding my Self, my outer shell and task.

Until I finally found both! Where I could consolidate, while growing and grow while consolidating.

Doubt comes, but it also goes fast. Ultimately, I chiseled on a foundation until it was  steadfast. A foundation to remain on and stand steadily- may the winds blow and the waves crash.

This became my point of consolidation, from which I would explore, grow and wander. My place of confidence, trust and belief.

Since then, I have chiseled on many along this journey- there is no going back, no stagnating. It needs to suit my needs, my growth, my Self of that given time. It supports my step and allows me to…

Step on shaking grounds that are on the verge of erupting, making for a fertile soil. Or, even  where no stone has been set and just risking this step.

It is nerve-wrecking, challenging and beyond anything the mind can rationally grasp. It tickles something inside that I have yet to uncover, but can feel. So I am- and always grow on erupting grounds and consolidate on my current chiseled foundation. I am my rock.

Anything is possible, with comfort- in heart and mind.

A gamble of chance. A certainty of destiny. A journey of love.


Shot by Sarah Johanna

*This post was made possible due to the kind team at RADICE sleep, who’ve sent me their sleep-wear on a loan basis for this shooting. Learn more about RADICE here.






IMG_7726No Berlin-visit can go by without having been to “The Juicery”. It is located right next to the Mauerpark, so you can also take your juice, smoothie or bowl on a walk.  Ideally you would take it to go in a container you brought, but if you forgot it is not too bad since all the packaging is made of cornstarch and compostable. The açaí bowl is the best I have ever had in the entirety of my life (it has the perfect consistency and no where in the world has my bowl been graced with so many fresh berries or toppings), the smoothies always surprise your taste buds with new flavor (as in the “Passion for Ido” where sweet, sour and fresh work together synergistically to create a previously unknown taste experience) or texture combinations (such as the chia seeds in the blueberry kale). All the produces used are organic and ripened to perfection.

As I have grown to love the creations of The Juicery more and more with each visit, I knew I had to sit down with the founder. I was so fascinated by the high quality of the produces, the combination of the juices and the curation going into all of this. Seydi was so kind as to answer a few of my questions, before which I enjoyed a sugar cane juice with lime, an açaí bowl and the newest of his creations- newtella (HEAVEN)!


(Seydi with Newtella)

How did The Juicery of Berlin come to life?

It all started with experimenting with different types of diets whilst I was working out a lot- back then it was low carb, now they call it ketogenic, you know they always find new words and terms. This is what confuses the consumer- they are exposed to two contradicting facts or studies so that it is hard to decide which one is the“right“ one. Then I zoomed out, took a step back to see my progress and how far I have come in achieving my fitness goals, only to realize that I didn’t make any progress at all. I was always very lazy and didn’t dream to cut up some fruit for myself. However, I remember that I always enjoyed the taste of fruit when my mother was so kind as to prepare them for me. Then I remembered how light, good and energized I felt when eating fruit. This sensation in combination with my desire to create good in this world and society, lead me to embark on a journey of seeking (self) fulfillment. I read many books about philosophy and diet…I knew I had to take this leap of faith, ignore this steadiness I have built and simply risk it, go all in. In front of my old shop I started with offering 2 juices on Sunday’s- people came up to me, they wanted to take pictures. I felt that I offered something people were drawn to, they cherished this work, which in turn motivated me again. What stuck with me from many biographies I read was something along the lines of: You have to do something that you really love so that you do not have to work another day in your life. So I asked myself what I loved and it is this curating and stimulating of senses- the visual, the olfactory, the flavor. Going to the wholesale market I felt like a child in a candy store. Then everything just came together and moved quite quickly. We opened our doors in September 2014. The most important lesson I have learnt during this process is that your attitude is key- what you bring to the situation is what you get. Life became my private teacher. 

You use organic ingredients only, why is that important to you?

What I strive to do here with The JuiceryⓇ is a steadiness in terms of quality or even improve upon what we offer to our customers. Right from when we started, we offered organic produces only. When you offer something that solely has to do with health and well-being it only makes and is the next logical step, a no brainer so to speak. You need to differentiate between what you fuel your body with – if you treat your body well and want to do good, organic produces are key! Another factor we look out for is flexibility- we always try to realize the wishes of our customers, but advise them that sometimes leaving out an ingredient might make something less creamy and things as such. So we try to collaborate and work out a way where both parties are happy. 

How did you go from 3 Juices to this vas variety you offer today? 

I didn’t take any of the creations from recipe books, they did not appeal to me as much. I listened to senses, taste buds- so started with myself and what I liked best. I worked three months on the recipe of the açai bowl before putting it into writing. I have now developed 3 criterion based on which I create my juices and smoothies: 1) DO IT HEALTHY Everything has to come from nature, meaning that it is unprocessed. Cacao powder is the grounded bean, or dates to sweeten instead of maple syrup. 2)DO IT TASTY It has to taste good and speak to the taste buds. I look out for the temperatue, consistency, a balance between sour and sweet, if the taste should unfold more at the beginning or finish. 3) DO IT SEXY. We are all aesthetics, you eat with your eyes. 4) DO IT FRIENDLY. I want to give something to people and watching their faces when eating you can really see that something is happening inside of them. These are the 4 criterion I apply to my work. 


You always curate and find special and exquisite produces, how do you go about this process?

I always try to discover anew what nature has given to us to feel good and re-sensitize my taste buds, such as replacing sugar with dates, an energy drink with ginseng. It is a journey of continuous discovery, where you perception is changed constantly. 5 years ago no one would have been able to tell you what chia seeds are, now they are a staple. For the birch water I traveled to Latvia- I want to experience it first hand at first to see what it does to my body. This way I explore new produces and creations. 

What is your favorite juice/smoothie? 

After I was physically active I go for something very refreshing and lemony such as the YELLOW DETOX or APPLE BERRY. If I crave something sweeter I usually go for coconut- I could eat coconuts for the rest of my life, which is why I make a lot with coconuts. 

What are the future plans for The Juicery? 

We do consulting for others where we teach things such as work flow optimization, where and how to shop (good quality, when something is ripe and sweet), how to store the produces on location. Other than that we are working on opening more locations of The JuiceryⓇ. So stay tuned! 







IMG_4087-2When I started my inquisitions into the vegan food scene of London, I was startled by the magnitude of the offerings. In a ranking of“ Best Cities to be vegan in“ London ranked the 8th place, being above New York City (to my surprise). Due to this magnitude it was impossible to go to each and every one of these restaurants and cafés, however, here is a sweet selection of the locations that were the most appealing to me!


essence cuisine

£ £ £ £

Best for raw, gourmet food 


Essence cuisine is one of Matthew Kenney’s various plant-based restaurants, that are located everywhere from New York City to Sydney. He is a chef who has committed himself to creating a lifestyle company evolving around plant- based food This involves an array of modern and state of the art restaurants all over the world in the most sought after locations, or the world’s first culinary educational center dedicated to a plant based kitchen and lifestyle. It is called Plant Lab- what I would do to take a course there! Essence cuisine is located in Shoreditch- the interior is sleek with a metallic touch here and there. At the counter, coffee, cocktails and smoothie bowls are made, whereas the kitchen is located downstairs. This is where the magic happens. I ordered raw vegan dishes only and was blown away by the stimulation of my taste buds. The raw ravioli with kimchi cream filling were an absolute dream- it was a top and bottom of coconut meat wrapper and in the middle was the kimchi cream that gave this amazing dish the ravioli flavor. I was very inspired by the spicy carrot sushi roll, as the marinated carrots acted as a rice replacement, which is something I was still looking for to not only have cucumber and avocado in my nori. Also, the nori was much thinner than the one I have at hime, which I absolutely loved as well. The highlight must have been the desserts: we ordered the nut cheese board, which had a variety of cashew cheese with pear chutney and three different types of crackers- this made me want to get into vegan cheese making. The chocolate caramel brownie was an absolute dream- the caramel actually did taste like caramel, the chocolate ganache was a pure dream of chocolate as well. My personal highlight were the raw pancakes, it was my silver lining that despite transitioning into the raw vegan lifestyle I will not have to give up my love for pancakes The pancakes themselves consisted of coconut and banana and were made in the dehydrator, served with berries and vanilla. All in all I can only speak highly of essence cuisine, I did not get a chance to try the cocktails but they sure did sound amazing. Oh and before I forget, the smoothies bowls are very delicious as well! I could eat here every day. Gourmet raw vegan dining!

Nama Foods

£ £ £ £

Best for raw, innovative food 


Nama is an all raw vegan restaurant in Notting Hill, that also offers food courses, such“Aspiring Raw Chef“.“Fermentation Made Easy“,“Raw Aspriring Pastry Chef“. Eating raw means eating whole, high energy foods that are not heated above 42 degrees celsius/ 107.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This preserves all the nutrients and allows for the food to practice all its healing power on your body (more about my transitioning to a raw vegan diet maybe in another post?- let me know!). As my own diet currently consists of 90% raw, vegan food I was so excited to go to a restaurant that offers innovative dishes and recipes that suit my current lifestyle.

The menu is a pure delight! In fact it is so good that I went back to it for 5 consecutive days, trying to decide what to get, before we finally went to have breakfast and lunch (BRUNCH hahah) at nama foods. Could you imagine a full English breakfast without any animal products PLUS being raw?! Well, nama foods has all of that and much more. As I am not that big of a fan of this “style“ of breakfast, I eventually went for the coconut porridge and the toast with rawtella and bananas. The coconut porridge did not contain any oats, as one might think when hearing porridge. It was an even healthier version. Even though oats can be consumed on a raw vegan diet, they are not the perfect morning food, as they are very mucus forming. Hence, the“porridge“ at nama foods made with activated almonds, apples, coconut dates, cinnamon, vanilla and lucuma and topped with hemp seeds, cacao nibs and blueberries, served with almond milk is THE perfect morning energy booster you needs without compromising a mucusless, raw diet! Then we also had NAMA’s artisan almond and walnut toast with a rawtella (hazelnut/chocolate spread) and bananas- this was so so good, I have such a sweet tooth when it comes to pancakes and these could replace my banana pancakes (not raw) any time! After some time passed we also had lunch. I went for the Truffle Pasta- zucchini pasta (somehow they managed to make these better than I make them at home- I need to work on my recipe) with cultured cashew truffle cream, chestnut mushrooms in Jerez, aged cashews, crispy shallots and black autumn truffle. THIS WAS AN ABSOLUTE DREAM! Whenever I went to a restaurant before going vegan, I always looked out for truffle pasta and ALWATS got it if I spotted it on the menu. Now that I know that you can enjoy the same taste on a raw, vegan diet and do not have to make cut backs I need to try to make this recipe myself one day! To drink I had the Holy Mayan Cacao, as it was something I never got before- it had a mild chocolate/hazelnut taste with spicy aftertaste. I was contemplating to get a Dandelion coffee as well, since I have never had one before and heard so much about it. To my lunch I got a ginger JARR Kombucha, which was delicious as well, but is not the healthiest due to its fermented nature. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it and think there is no harm in drinking it as long as it remains a rarity.  The staff at nama was so welcoming and warm, offering their advice on what to get or how a dish is made. As you can probably tell by the endless words on NAMA foods.. I am in love!

Unfortunately Nama foods is closing in April 2018, the news made me very sad. 

Location: 110 Talbot Rd, London W11 1JR, UK / Notting Hill

Roots Juicery

£ £ £

Best for superfood bowls 


Roots Juicery is located in the vibrant and lively Fitzrovia, which is full of cute little places just like this. Apart from serving the best açai bowl I have had in London over the course of the past 4 weeks, and delicious cold pressed juices- Roots Juicery is also committed to turn the focus away from processed foods to alive, raw and organic produces. The ingredients used for their bowls, juices, sweets and lunch dishes are organic. What struck me the most about this cold pressed juicer is that all of the juices are served in glass bottles! This is a rarity these days, where PET bottles have the upper hand, If you bring back your used bottle for the next juice, you get a 10% discount- if that isn’t promising a sustainable and zero waste lifestyle I do not know what is. Of course I was unable to try everything off the menu, even though I wished I could as the salads and the banana bread caught my eye. The acas bowl, however, was very rich and filling, You could taste and see that a lot of açai was used, which I always find to be the best indicator in terms of acas bowls. The next time I come back I definitely want to give the dragon fruit bowl a try! I went for a green juice with celery, leafy greens, green pepper, batavia, lemon and coriander. The texture of this juice was just amazing- very smooth and refreshing…it did taste VERY healthy, but that is something I generally like and love about drinking cold pressed juices (especially green ones). All in all, I can only recommend Roots Juicery, it must be one of my favorites in London.

Location: 1 Charlotte Pl, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1SA, UK / Fitzrovia

Raw Press Juicery

Best for salads and take out


At Raw Press, as the name already says, you can also get cold pressed juices in its entirety- ranging from green juices, to ones focused on roots to nut milks in different flavors. Other than delicious juices (served in plastic bottles though) you will find an overwhelming menu full of vegan, sometimes gluten free. sometimes raw goodness! It took me a few minutes to decide. Eventually my friend and I decided to share an acai bowl (topped with blueberries, peanut butter, waffle toast, berry chia jam and granola). There are, however, five other delicious-sounding bowls to choose from that vary in base and toppings alike! Later, I got blueberry waffles with maple syrup and coconut yogurt, which were divine as well. As a snack my friend got nachos, which had several dips, including cashew cream cheese, which was my personal favorite. Then, Raw Press also has a huge selection of raw sweets such as bounty bars, flapjacks, carrot cake, raw brownies and several energy balls. It is also the perfect spot to grab some lunch on-the-go or to stay in, work a little and eat a lot. They offer a wide selection of salads that changes daily, where you can customize your bowl to your liking- including salads such kale & chickpea salad, moroccan carrot salad or courgette with basil-pistachio pesto. Water is offered with charcoal to filter, cleanse and alkalize (LOOVEE). All in all, it is the perfect spot to indulge on sweets and salads for breakfast or lunch.

Location: 32 Dover Street London W1S 4NE / Mayfair & 3 Ellis Street London SW1X 9AL / Chelsea

Mother Works

Best for breakfast 


Mother works was founded by 3 siblings who want to bring their health journey closer to each and everyone of us with their café. I could not agree more that what makes the vegan lifestyle and a journey of health-betterment more easy and enjoyable is visiting restaurants and cafés that provide you with new food inspiration, allow you to sit back and simply enjoy your meal without preparing it and being surrounded by people, who are also eager to embark on a similar journey. The atmosphere and interior of MOTHER was very laid back and cozy- some plants racks with neon signs, coffee table books, alkaline water, some jars filled with super foods, racks stacked with bananas behind the counter and a menu written on a blackboard. The seating was wooden as well, allowing for an intensified close-to-nature experience, in addition to all the plant-based goodness of course.

The menu was filled with delicious sandwiches- avocado, peanut butter, coconut BLT, non-tuna mayo, pulled jackfruit and many more, an açai bowl with two different variations of toppings, smoothies and juices. On the special’s menu of the Saturday I visited MOTHER works, were a stack of gluten free banana pancakes with a sliced banana, syrup and homemade “nutella“. These were hands down the BEST vegan pancakes I have ever had- they were chewy yet still fluffy, ad just the right amount of banana flavor and were not draining in coconut oil (I NEED THIS RECIPE!). Additionally I had the açai bowl topped with “Chunky Monkey“ – berries, banana, cacao nibs, peanut butter, coconut flakes and some date syrup. As I craved some greens, I also ordered the “Lean Green“ smoothie with coconut water, banana, avocado, spinach, lemon, mint and spirulina- a very healthy tasting and vitalizing smoothie! All in all this must be one of my favorite locations and definitely a place I have to come back to more than once!

Location: 1, Canalside, Here East Estate, London E20 3BS, UK / Hackney Wick


Açai Berry the Amazon Boost 

Best for a quick, healthy bite 


At “Açai berry“, the specialty, as the name already suggests is açai bowls. It seems to be more an off-the-counter and quick stop place rather than a café/restaurant you would want to remain at for a long time. However, as it is located in the Kingly Court, there is plenty of seating outside as well that can be made use of once the weather is right! The base of the bowls was made of 100% acai berry puree, which had a very intense flavor and the rich purple the acai berry is so well known for. In terms of toppings you could choose your bowl from the menu (approx. 7.50 pounds), but then also add your favored toppings on top, such as goji berries. Peanut butter, chia seeds and the like. Other than bowls, smoothies were also offered, which I did not come in the delight of. All I could tell was that the açai berry was a staple ingredient in each smoothie. The only thing I have to criticize and was slightly disappointed by was that the bowls were served in a plastic container, despite staying in. In case one knows that in advance, one can bring their own stainless steel container/bowl and get the bowl made into that.

Location: 11, Kingly Court, Kingly St, Carnaby, London W1B 5PW, UK / Carnaby


Deliciously Ella

Best for delicious cooked vegan soul food 

£ £

delicously ella

Ella Woodward has garnered popularity and a wide reaching followers hip through her recipe and plant-based, whole food blog Deliciously Ella. This first seemingly innocent endeavor, brought to life to gain independence from medications, soon turned into a business that now stands for a recipe app, several cookbooks, granolas and snack bars sold in grocery stores as well as three Delis across London. The Delis serves everything from breakfast, smoothies, cold pressed juices to coffee and sweets to lunch and dinner. The delis have a very comfortable and cozy atopshere, where walls are decorated with prints of plants, wooden furniture and some spots of color through tiles and flowers here and there.

I visited the Deli once for breakfast, where I ordered the pancakes with chocolate and banana and a green smoothie (Unfortunately also only served in a plastic cup when staying in, however, Ella announced on her Instagram stories that some time in March the Dei will serve the cold pressed juice in glass bottles and the stay-in smoothies in glasses as well! Go NO PLASTIC! ). The pancakes were very delicious and satisfying. In case you have never made banana or oat pancakes yourself, do not be disappointed by them being a little flat and rather chewy- it is perfectly normal! The Smoothie had some greens in it, but the taste was dominated by the sweet banana and peanut butter. It was tasty, but I also like to drink a green smoothie and actually taste that I am drinking greens- the slight bitter and maybe sometimes not too delicious taste, if you know what I mean?

When we stopped by for lunch I had spicy broccoli with quinoa, which was really good and stimulated my taste buds just in the right way! I couldn’t find this on the menu any more, so it must have been taken down. The second time I got the Cauliflower and Butterbean falafel with lemony broccoli. The broccoli has a really nice fresh and crunchy flavor. The falafel and hummus were also spiced very nicely, after which I was super full! *

Location: 18 Weighhouse St, Mayfair, London W1K 5LU, UK / Mayfair

Haunt/Biff’s Jack Shack 

Best for drinks and comfort food

biffsjackshackHaunt is a laid back and down to earth a vegan bar and eatery, where Biff’s Jack Shack serves a VEGAN AF dinner menu full of vegan junk food. On the menu you will find jackfruit burgers and wings in different flavors, for example as with blue cheese or cinnamon sweet chilly. Of course, there are “filthy“ fries as well. Since I never was a huge fun of wings in that sense, I went for “The Jacksu“, which has Katsu sauce, Japanese pickles, lettuce and a tempura/crispy broccoli floret served on a toasted brioche bun. The crispy fried jackfruit patty was absolutely delicious and the combination with the slightly sour pickles was also amazing! The only thing I lacked was a little but more freshness- maybe a tomato or some more of that lettuce. As a side we went for the“

Vegan AF Poutine“, which was similar to the original Canadian dish- fries loaded with cheese, porcini mushroom gravy, Seitan bacon and some seeds. I absolutely went crazy for the gravy on these! All in all this was probably one of the best, if not the best vegan burger I have ever had!

Location: 182 Stoke Newington Rd, London N16 7UY, UK / Stoke Newington

Temple of Seitan (Camden)

Best for a fast food experience MINUS the meat 

£ £

templeofseitanAt the Temple, as the name already indicates, the main attraction is Seitan. Seitan is made of wheat gluten and is very similar in consistency to meat. Therefore it poses the perfect meat replacement, especially for people testing the vegan waters. At the Temple of Seitan you will get the perfect and full fast food experience ranging form burgers, wings to fries and Mac and cheese MINUS the meat, eggs and dairy. The strategy and marketing of the Temple is very clever and I think it is perfect for people transitioning- the burgers are wrapped in paper, the fries are served in cardboard holders, just like you would get them at McDonald’s or Burger King. Even though all the packaging used is compostable, it would be even more ideal to have them served on plates. However, I think this is part of the experience they want to create and I absolutely admire that in raising awareness to a vegan diet where no real cut backs have to be made. I went for the“Temple Burger“ with the crispy Seitan fillet, bacon (V), cheese (V), lettuce and ranch mayo, regular fries (or chips here in the UK). Additionally, I got a small Mac and cheese to share. Everything was absolutely delicious and satisfied these (bad) cravings I had for a burger. I couldn’t really say which burger is better- Temple of Seitan or Biffs jack Shack. The consistency of the pattie was very different, yet both really good. What I can say, however, is that if you want the same fast food experience minus the meat- Temple of Seitan is the plane to be. Oh, and they also had deliciously looking cookies!

Location: 103a Camley Street N1C 4PF, UK / Camden & 10 Morning Lane E9 6NA, UK / Hackney


Gallery Cafe

£ £

Best for pastries and Sundays 


I came across the Gallery Café through my cravings for (vegan) croissants and was so happy to find out, once I was in the cafe, that they do not only offer plain croissants, but almond and chocolate croissants as well…heaven. Back to the cafe though- it is also very cozy, laid back and has a beautiful conservatory with windows facing a beautiful terrace and back garden. Apart from coffee and amazing looking baked goods, like my sought after croissants, the café also offers a full on English vegan breakfast, porridge, sandwiches, burgers, juices and smoothies. It seemed to be a very popular place with a clientele of all age groups. On the weekends no laptops are allowed- so just sit back, eat and enjoy the plant based goodness as the Gallery Cafe instead.

Location: St. Margarets House Settlement, 21 Old Ford Road, London E2 9PL, United Kingdom/ Cambridge Heath


Best for catch-ups (and pictures)

£ £ £


Grind is a group of fun, hip and Australian inspired espresso bar with several sites all over London. Some locations serve coffee and espresso infused cocktails only, whereas at other locations you are able to enjoy brunch, lunch and dinner. On the menu you will find sourdough bread with jam or avocado, smoothies and juices, some vegetables and of course coffee! The Grind blend is absolutely amazing and was made especially for espresso coffees and to work well with milk. In terms of milk alternatives they offer almond, oat (my go to’s) and soy. What made me go to several of the Grind locations (Clerkenwell, Shoreditch, Soho) was the not only the amazing coffee and matcha lattes, but simply the branding and concept of it. The interior always has some of that nice-looking millennial pink, marble countertops and a fun neon sign such as „French lessons given downstairs“ or“Love is the drug“. The atmosphere is always buzzing with life, good music and amazing drinks! It is safe to say that I am obsessed…even though I slowly start to realize that my body cannot handle caffeine that well anymore, it is after all quite acidic and dehydrating  so always make sure to balance the coffee out with a glass of water. This didn’t keep me from buying the Grind tin though…I guess I am left with the matcha then.

Location: Clerkenwell, Shoreditch, Soho, Exmouth, Covent Garden, Holborn, Royal Exchange, Whitechapel


Best for relaxed coffee breaks


The Attendant is also focused on providing Australian brunch cafes with high quality and seasonal products, The Australians really did pave the path in coffee culture, didn’t they? The brunch menu is described as being“wholesome, produce driven“ and seasonal and fresh. In terms of coffee the“Attendant“ makes an effort in furthering the sustainable coffee trade by paying higher prices for a higher quality. I can only give a big YES to this…we often underestimate the importance of seemingly “small“ decisions, such as what kind of coffee you buy and drink. The atmosphere in the Attendant cafés is absolutely lovely- many plants hang on the walls and stand on cupboards, creating an urban-jungle like feeling. It is great to sit down to read, have a catch-up chat or even to have small meetings. The milk “menu“ (lets call it that) had all the alternatives you could wish for. I eventually went for an almond milk matcha. Later, after reading for a while, I also got avocado on toast. The bread was very crispy and the garnish on the avocado (some seeds and lemon) was absolutely delicious! If I would have gotten the chance I would have visited Attendant more than once- I loved the interior, the atmosphere and the menu!

Location: 75 Leather Lane London, EC1N 7TJ/ Clerkenwell & 27a Foley Street London W1W 6DY / Fitzrovia & 74 Great Eastern Street London, EC2A 3JL/ Shoreditch

Please note that all the price indications are made in relation to the restaurant/cafe type i.e comparing coffee to coffee places and juicery to juicery. Also, it is normal that for restaurants to offer nutrient-dense, exotic ingredients and organic produces to be at a slightly higher price, your body will thank you!